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Focus on your core business: making exceptional wines/products. We find distributors for you all year round.

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Our distributor prospecting service is unique in the world and easy for you: you don't have to do anything while being guaranteed continuous and professional prospecting every day of the year.

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We contact buyers to talk exclusively about your products: 100% focused on your brand.
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Daily Work

Our team actively contacts new potential professional buyers for you on a daily basis, Monday to friday.


Every month, you will receive a complete and transparent report of our actions, including the contact information of all the people contacted.

We do for you:

Contacts with Buyers

Reports & Delivery

We do not do:

Sales Process (Last Steps)

Easy for you...

How it works ?

1. Select a plan here

2. Fill your products or brand details online (5 min.)

3. That's it. We work for you all year long.


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Sales Process ...

After Leads ...

1. When a Distributor or Buyer is interested: you are informed immediately. You can handle the next steps without waiting (samples, zoom meeting, price proposal, order, etc)

2. Every month, you get the full report of our contacts, leads, positive answers, negative answers, etc: all data, 100% transparent.

=>all is very, very easy ... & professional.


Very clear ...

And for Payment ?

1. Pay a monthly number of distributors, importers, pro buyers we look for and prospect: 50, 75 or 100

2. Stop when you want (every month or every year, depending on your plan)

=> all easy & transparent for an exclusive service!


Only us worldwide

Best Growth Tool

1. UpDistry is the ONLY growth hacking tool in the space to contact so many distributors this way.

2. You know exactly what you get: we deliver the plan you order

3. You know exactly the cost for you: no additional costs.

=> change your Distributors search now, improve it!


Almost compulsory...

Why you need us ?

When selling to new customers, there are two basic rules:
1. No prospecting => No sale
2. The number of new customers is proportional to the number of prospects contacted.

The problem with prospecting:
1. To be effective, it must be daily: every day of the year from Monday to Friday
2. To be effective, it must follow tested and efficient methods (tools, content, human relations, etc.): not every company has this in-house
3. To be effective, the prospects contacted must be targeted (important work of research and validation of the profiles of the prospects)
4. Its cost in time and work is important: every day: it takes a person working full time to be totally efficient and optimal

With UpDistry:
1. You have the guarantee of a daily prospecting (contact of new targeted prospects, follow-up of old prospects, connection of hot prospects). From Monday to Friday, all year long.
2. You don't have to worry about anything: no employee to supervise, we do everything from A to Z. You only receive hot leads in real time and full reports every month.
3. The cost is fixed: you know exactly what this job costs you monthly and yearly.
4. You can stop at any time. Every month or year, with no justification required.

=> to summarize, UpDistry is cheaper, guarantees you volume and regularity, optimizes 100% your prospecting of distributors. It is the only essential tool that your company needs to increase its turnover very quickly. (The number 1 priority of any company). To subscribe now, click here. 🙂

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time online here, every month if you have subscribed to a monthly plan or every year if you have subscribed to an annual plan. The services will automatically stop at the end of the current and already paid period.

We can target buyers in any country. You decide on one or more geographical areas (USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, etc.). We prospect for professional buyers in your target areas only.

Nous avons 3 méthodes pour sélectionner les contacts prospectés:
1. Choix Standard – Nous les sĂ©lectionnons librement sur les zones gĂ©ographiques que choisissez. (Importateurs, Distributeurs, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Duty Free Shops, Convenient Stores, etc)
2. Choix LimitĂ© – Vous nous indiquez un profil d’acheteur idĂ©al large (restaurants et hotels, grande distribution, importateurs, distributeurs, etc). Nous prendrons cela en compte dans la sĂ©lection.
3. Cas spĂ©cial – Vous nous fournissez une liste de sociĂ©tĂ©s ciblĂ©es et nous les prospectons en prioritĂ©.
=> Vous pouvez Ă  tout moment basculer d’une mĂ©thode Ă  une autre. Notre conseil: testez le choix standard, puis Ă©voluez vers le choix limitĂ© ou le cas spĂ©cial si nĂ©cessaire.